Fan Feet

Ever since it was possible for me to remember anything, I remember Star Wars and loved it. So worlds collide and I decided to lose myself for a few moments in two worlds: Star Wars and Heels.



Star Wars Heels - Chewy

A slave to fashion no more. All things seem to just be going your way now. 


Star Wars Heels - R2D2

For the curious, yet endlessly loyal and surreptitiously helpful, troublemaker. 


Star Wars Heels - Princess


Brave not fearless. 


Star Wars Heels - The Trooper

The are not the heels you're looking for. Move along. 


Star Wars Heels - The Emperor

For when you're feeling a little too smart for your own good and need a good laugh at the misfortune of others. 



Star Wars Heels - The Vader

Bring Balance and let The Dark Side light the way.