Fan Feet

Reserving and Pre-ordering your Fan Feet Shoes: 


- Insures you won't be the 'sad panda' when the shoes are sold out.

- Gives you a 100% money back guarantee.


On the down side your reserved and pre-ordered heels will ship to you 5 to 10 weeks (or more, see product page for more info) after your order or as indicated. 

What does 'reserving and pre-ordering' mean? 
Reserving and pre-ordering your Fan Feet shoes means that you are placing a full price deposit on a Fan Feet shoe that has been designed styled and is ready for production, it's more than a concept shoe. Pre-ordering insures your place in line to get your shoes when they go into production and ready for delivery.

Why not just wait until later to buy my Fan Feet heels? 
While we will craft a few more shoes than are pre-ordered to accommodate returns for different sizes, website sales and such, not only might it cost you more to get the shoes later but if they end up out of stock and on back order you might end up waiting up to half a year or more and that's if they ever go into production again. I'm just sayin'.

What happens if my reserved and pre-ordered shoe ends up not being manufactured or shipped for some reason, like not enough pre-orders or other delays? 
That's simple: You get your money back. Period.
Are they worth the wait? 
The level of satisfaction of our customers indicates ABSOLUTELY. From style to color, to comfort and quality, our ultimate goal is make shoes you absolutely love to wear without hesitation.